Culture and recreation

The Municipality of Skurup is known for its thriving and diversified cultural life. With Malmö and Copenhagen within easy reach, Skurup is part of a dynamic region where a fruitful exchange of ideas and impressions takes place. The scenic landscape invites you to enjoy outdoor activities, and along the coast, you’ll find some of Skåne's finest beaches. Let yourself be inspired!

A drummer is seen from behind/the side. We see part of his thigh and a drum, one of his arms and a drum stick.

Rich cultural life

Culture makes life rich and is an important source of inspiration for citizens and visitors alike. Skurup's cultural life is manifested in a variety of offerings, such as

  • the library,
  • the cinema,
  • the School of Music and Culture,
  • museums,
  • educational associations,
  • theatres,
  • exhibitions, and more.

Wide variety of associations

In Skurup, there are about 100 non-profit associations. They represent a wide spectrum of activities, creating great opportunities to pursue your interests and develop new skills.

Focus on young people

Our ambition is that all citizens should have access to a rich choice of meaningful leisure activities. However, activities aimied at young people aged 6–25 years have priority. They get the most subsidies and young people also get the best training slots in the sports facilities.


Contact the Municipality of SkurupAnto Tomic, Head of Culture and recreation

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